PhD and Masters Thesis Information

This page provides information about PhD and Masters theses in Engineering and Computer Science.

Diana Siwiak - Postgraduate Coordinator
Tony McLoughlin - Postgraduate Administrator
Patricia Stein - Faculty Thesis Advisor
Pawel Dmochowski - PhD Seminar Chair
James Noble - Associate Dean (Postgraduate Research)

University Expectations and Policies for Staff and Thesis Students

Higher study is a most amazing, and occasionally daunting, undertaking. An excellent overview of what can be expected for both students and their supervisors is provided by the University in the following webpage 'expectations of supervisors/students'. Students and Supervisors, please encourage each other to read this advice.

ECS Policies and Guidelines

The following policies and guidelines are mainly designed for academic staff members particularly those who currently have thesis students or who intend to get students. However, the thesis students can also read them particularly the examination policies, and PhD full registration policy, and the policies/guidelines on enrolment, six-monthly reports, and research grants.

Please note that the Masters proposal is expected within 1 month of enrolment and the PhD proposal is expected within 9 months of enrolment.

Please note that PhD students are expected to submit 6 monthly reports using VUW online system and Masters students are expected to submit a 3 month and 8 month progress report directly to the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Useful Documents and References

Web Submissions

All the PhD students in the School are required to submit their full proposals and their theses to the School via the following web submission system:

All the Masters by Thesis students (COMP591, ELCO591, CGRA591, ENGR591 and ENGR592) are required to submit their proposal and theses to the School via the following web submission system, including necessary documents:

Postgraduate Scholarships