AI and Society Research Group

AI is poised to bring about dramatic changes in our society, with impacts in industry and economics, law, politics and culture. Our research group studies these impacts, and how we can act to maximise beneficial effects and minimise harmful ones.

Group members

AI and Society Seminar series

The group organises regular seminars during trimester at Victoria University of Wellington. The seminars are open to everyone; if you'd like to attend, please email .

Research projects

Social media governance

Governance of generative AI models

  • The GPAI social media project has made a proposal about regulations for generative AI models. See here for an initial presentation of this proposal.

AI advice for New Zealand

  • Ali Knott is an expert panel member on an Advisory Panel on AI convened by the NZ Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor.


Our research group works closely with Otago University's Centre for AI and Public Policy.