Computer Graphics Research Group members

Academic Staff

Prof Neil Dodgson - 3DTV, NURBS, subdivision surfaces, aesthetic imaging, AR/VR
Prof Ken Anjyo - Co-Director, CMIC - animation, digital content creation
A/Prof Taehyun Rhee (TJ) - Co-Director, CMIC - computer animation, virtual human modelling, perceptually based rendering and composition, immersive visualisation for AR/VR, computer vision, scientific visualisation
Dr Zohar Levi - geometry processing, shape modeling and animation; shape interpolation, shape registration, and surface reconstruction.
Dr Fanglue Zhang (Personal Website)* - computational photography, deep learning, machine learning, image and video analysis and editing
Dr Alexander Doronin - simulation of light transport in turbid media, physically-based rendering, development of novel optical diagnostics modalities, creation of realistic material and shading models, color perception, translucency, appearance and biomedical visualization

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Andrew Chalmers

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Dr Richard Roberts

Dr Rafael Dos Anjos

Dr Daniel Medeiros

PhD Students

Ping Liu (supervised by TJ Rhee, JP Lewis) - reconstruction from sparse rendering

Joshua Scott (supervised by Neil Dodgson) - terrain generation

Kieran Carnegie (supervised by TJ Rhee, Simon McCallum, Gina Grimshaw) - discomfort in virtual reality

Lohit Petikam (supervised by TJ Rhee, Ken Anjyo) - immersive visualisation for AR/VR

Weng-Khuan Hoh (supervised by Neil Dodgson, Fanglue Zhang) - aesthetics of photograph compostion

Christian Suppan (supervised by Taehyun Rhee, Fanglue Zhang) - inverse rendering

Rongsen Chen - new view synthesis

Masters Students

Joseph Bennett (supervised by TJ Rhee and Andrew Chalmers)

Thomas Roughton (supervised by TJ Rhee and Andrew Chalmers)

Stephen Thompson (supervised by TJ Rhee and Andrew Chalmers) - user collaboration in VR & MR

Simon Finnie (supervised by TJ Rhee and Fanglue Zhang) - visual object tracking for AR & MR

Jack Purvis (supervised by Craig Anslow and James Noble)

Hyejin Kim (supervised by TJ Rhee) - MR teleportation system for collaboration with presence