Mobile Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Indoor Navigation (MARVIN)

MARVIN is the flagship of Victoria University's mobile robotic fleet. His current appearance owes much to the collaborative efforts of Robotechnology, a major animatronics company based in Wellington New Zealand. Current development is focussed on security applications for MARVIN. He is being equipped with sensors and adequate intelligence to be able to actively patrol the corridors of the University to detect intruders. Furthermore, MARVIN can alter his shape depending upon his mood, becoming more aggressive and assertive as necessary.

It is desired that interaction with MARVIN be as natural as possible. Consequently, he is equipped with voice recognition and speech synthesis tools. He will turn to face the person who is addressing him, nod in understanding or seek clarification if confused. He can direct authorised personnel to specific sites, or alert a human security guard if necessary.

Past projects:

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Johnny McClymont (2010), The Development of Extrospective Systems for Mobile Robotic Vehicles

Christopher Lee-Johnson (2008) Emotion-Based Parameter Modulation for a Mobile Robot Planning and Control System

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