Exam Templates

ECS maintains a LaTeX version of the VUW examination template, consisting of several files.

As a result of attempts to document the LaTeX class (CLS) file that is used to render the template, we now have a PDF file

that contains a lot more information and within which we will look to add more information, as to how to make the best use of the supplied files.

This page is the definitive repository for these files as well as for a copy of the original Microsoft-Word-only template, as provided by the Faculty and supplied to the School Office.

2017-T2 Exam Paper Template

The specifications for these files do change from time to time, as well as having been seen to revoke previous changes to the specifications, so it is best to always use a new template each year. Also, you are strongly discouraged from taking a copy of the .tex template file and posting it somewhere else - you should always provide a link to this definitive copy, namely


The LaTeX file vuwexam_skel.tex gives some ideas about how to create an examination script, and provides a template for this.

Download the file to somewhere sensible, type

pdflatex vuwexam_skel.tex

to make the PDF.

The resultant PDF will display some information you will want to change, at least

  • the course name
  • the year in which the exam will be sat
  • the trimester in which the exam will be sat (or Full Year).

You should copy the template file and name it to reflect the course for which you are creating the examination script then edit the LaTeX file to your heart's content and regenerate the PDF.

If you are working on an ECS/MSOR Macintosh and you know that the vuw font has already been installed for you then the above should work for you.

If you're working from home (or anywhere other than a Linux machine on the ECS network) you will also need the following files to be (re-)installed in the directory in which you are working:

and you'll need to edit your .tex file to use the image rather than the font, which is the default (Add "[image]" in line 5 of vuwexam_skel.tex). Alternatively, to use the font version, install tex-vuwlogo-1.3.tar.xz in your TeXLive based TeX distribution.

Note 1: If you wish to revisit an old exam paper using an old version of the .cls file, you can replace vuwexam in the \documentclass line by (say) vuwexam_2015T1-1. See /vol/tex-local/tex/latex/local/ for other options, i.e. for older versions of the .cls file.

Note 2: If you wish to setup your Latex home folder on your machine, you might want to try the materials inside the texmf-vuwexam.zip. This might also help in addressing other issues encountered in both Windows and Mac OS.

Project Templates

If you have ended up here, looking for the Project templates, then they are in the main wiki Main/ProjectTemplates
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