ECS System Status

Current Issues

21/2/2020: Re: ECS Grid Unavailable

The issues with the grid appear to be fixed.

21/2/2020: ECS Grid Unavailable

The ECS grid system may be unavailable due to its main controller process repeatedly crashing.  This means that attempts to query the status of grid jobs or to submit new jobs will fail.  Existing grid jobs appear to still be running, but we are not sure what effect the failure of the controller process will have on the reporting of job completion.

We have not yet determined the cause of the problem but are investigating and will get the grid running again as soon as we  can.


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Upgrades and Changes

18/4/2019: printers press and level5ps retired

The printers press and level5ps have been retired.  There are alternative printers in each location that you can use.

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