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Tech Note Summary Last Edited
A Guide To Writing Good Bug Reports and Job Requests Hints and tips on how to write bug reports or job requests in a way that will get a faster response 19 May 2021
Access to Internet Resources A policy document on the use of the Internet on the ECS network 25 Aug 2010
Accessing SCS or ITS Files How to access your SCS files from the ECS Windows servers 08 Feb 2019
Accessing VUW Calendars via Office365 Guide for staff on how to access their own and other VUW staff calendars via Office 365 on the Web 17 Jan 2019
Account Suspension FAQ FAQ regarding what happens when a ECS account is suspended 30 Nov 2017
Altium Training Files Contains the links to the training documents for using Altium software 14 Apr 2023
Announcements How to use the Announcements script for embedding or RSS feeds of forum threads 15 Mar 2021
Assessment System How to use the ECS Assessment System 10 Jun 2024
Avoiding Phishing Attacks How to recognise phishing attacks to avoid having your ECS/SMS account details stolen 02 Dec 2020
Changing Your Shell How to change from tcsh to bash 19 Feb 2019
Customising your UNIX environment How to customise many aspects of your UNIX environment 09 Sep 2013
Disk Quotas Find out the size of your disk quota 17 Jun 2024
ECS Login Account Registration The procedure for registering your ECS account 09 Nov 2020
Eclipse Tutorials A set of introductory tutorials on Eclipse 31 Jan 2011
Email Forwarding and Automatic Reply How to forward email or set up a vacation reply 05 May 2015
Email Setup Instructions on how to setup your email client 08 Dec 2023
External Media How to copy files onto discs and USB sticks 28 Aug 2013
Forgotten Password What to do if you have forgotten your ECS password 19 Sep 2017
Forwarding VUW Email to ECS How to set up forwarding from your VUW Outlook inbox to your ECS inbox 06 Mar 2024
GPU Server details. Details of the schools GPU servers 16 May 2024
Getting Started Help for new students 10 Sep 2020
GitLab external accounts How to request external user accounts for ECS GitLab 20 Apr 2020
GitLab: Using the ECS Git Repo Using GitLab for the first time 28 Feb 2023
Grid Computing: ECS Grid Some notes on using the ECS Grid 10 Apr 2018
Grid Computing: SCS Grid Some notes on using the SCS Grid 20 Dec 2023
How to Video Conference in CO255 How to Video Conference in CO255 30 Oct 2018
Installing Eclipse Plugins Configuring Eclipse so you can install new plugins 15 Mar 2013
Installing Your Own R Packages How to install R packages in a personal folder 26 May 2016
Introduction to KDE A brief introduction to the basics of KDE 17 Jul 2015
JUnit Introduction A tutorial that will explain unit testing with JUnit 11 May 2010
Javadoc Introduction A tutorial that will introduce the Javadoc tool 11 May 2010
Laboratory Access and Rules Access hours and rules for the ECS laboratories 17 Jun 2024
Laser Cutter Epilog Laser Cutter Access 04 Apr 2022
MATLAB FlexLM Licensing Issues Some notes on how to see why you might not be able to run licensed software 13 Nov 2014
MSDNAA Software How to get free Microsoft software 29 Nov 2019
Mailing Lists A listing of all the ECS mailing lists 23 Oct 2018
Meeting Rooms ECS Students can book Details on what rooms can be booked with Instructions on how to book one 24 Feb 2017
Mounting VUW File Shares How to access VUW file shares from the ECS systems 05 Oct 2018
Participation App How to use the Participation App 30 Jun 2022
Personal Apache Server How to configure Apache Server on your workstation 15 Jul 2022
Personal CGI Description on how to request and setup CGI access on your personal account 11 Aug 2010
Personal MySQL Server How to configure MySQL on your workstation 30 Oct 2020
Personal PHP How to run PHP scripts in your web space 27 Oct 2016
Personal Tomcat Server How to configure Tomcat on your workstation 27 Jun 2013
Printing Allocations for Students This document outlines the policy for student printing in ECS 17 Jun 2024
Printing From a Mac Laptop How to print to ECS printers if you have a Mac laptop 14 Sep 2017
Printing From a Windows Laptop (or Desktop) How to print to ECS printers if you have a Windows machine 02 Nov 2023
Printing from ECS systems How to print from ECS/MSOR systems 14 May 2024
Requesting a Different Username How to change your ECS username 15 Apr 2024
School Machines A listing of the ECS computers and their functions 04 May 2023
Seminar System How to add seminars and receive notifications from the ECS Seminar System 15 Mar 2021
Soldering Tutorial Contains documents on how to solder and handling of electronic components 09 Sep 2009
Submission System How to use the ECS Submission System 08 Aug 2022
Subversion Tutorial Tutorial on the Subversion revision control system and in particular how it is used from within Eclipse 11 Aug 2014
Tech Guide for PHD/Masters students Tech Guide for PHD/Masters students 26 Jul 2013
Thesis Student Login Accounts Thesis Student Login Accounts 07 Jan 2020
Usability Lab Requirements for the use of the Usability Lab 12 Jul 2017
Using external email addresses for VUW related email Making it appear as though you are someone within the School or the Univeristy even if you use an external email service 26 Mar 2014
VPN Setup How to set up VPN to access the Intranet from home 26 May 2023
Video Conferencing Facilites Description of the Schools and University Video Conferencing Facilities 03 Mar 2021
Web Browser Setup Instructions on how to configure your web browser to operate on the ECS network 30 May 2017
Web Site How to edit the ECS/SMS web sites 01 Jul 2024
Working From Home How to work from home with the ECS systems 08 Jul 2024
Working with Windows Notes for working with Windows 7/10 boxes on the ECS network 28 Jul 2017