Technical Note - Access to Internet Resources


Accessing Internet resources, such as web pages or FTP archives, costs the school. Access policies exist that balance the needs of students and staff with the financial expenditure required. This document lists the policies in effect.


Free resources

All resources within the or domains are free and are available to all users for all uses.

Restricted resources

All requests for WWW resources must pass through the ECS web cache proxy. This manages and authenticates use.

  • First year students only have access to resources within New Zealand and other selected resources to help work on specific projects.
  • All other ECS members have unrestricted access to the web.

HELP The web proxy keeps a log of resources accessed. These logs may be used to track excessive or inappropriate usage.

Personal use

ECS allows students to access internet resources for personal use within reasonable boundaries. If you have specific needs that require large data transferral, we request that you use your Student Computing Suite account instead. This will stop your ECS account being flagged for excessive usage. Configuring your browser in this way will mean that SCS bill you as if you had sat at an SCS machine elsewhere on-campus.

In order to use the SCS web cache, you should configure your browser to access this proxy:

  • Automatic configuration address:

You can follow the instructions for configuring at the Web Browser Setup tech note, replacing the configuration file for the one above.

When prompted for your username and password, enter:

  • Username: STUDENT\YourScsUsername
  • Password: YourScsPassword