Technical Note - Accessing VUW Calendars via Office365


Staff can access their own and other VUW staff calendars via Office 365 on the Web.


To access calendars go to and login with your University level staff username and password.

Open the app launcher tool in the top left of your Outlook on the web window as shown below.


Select calendar from the list of available apps.

calendar select.png

This will display your calendar.

Other Calendars

To view the calendar of some other staff member, right-click on the Other calendars item in the side bar and select Open calendar

calendar open.png

Enter their name in From Directory. This box works just like the To box on a new email message. After you've entered the name, select Open to search for and add the calendar.


To add a calendar that has been published on the internet, such as a ShareURL, enter the URL in the Internet calendar box, and then select Open. The Internet calendar must be shared publicly and the URL should end with .ics.

Using Other Applications

The ITS pages have some useful information on configuring various clients. See:

They talk in terms of mail clients but either calendar is part of a combined mail/calendar client or a calendar client is configured similarly.

The important things to know are:


Specifically to configure thunderbird you need the lightning calendar extension and the Exchange EWS Provider add-on (available from Download the latest for your thunderbird version, even if it's a alpha or beta.

Settings which should allow you to connect are: