Technical Note - Using external email addresses for VUW related email


It may be possible to make it appear as though you are someone within the School or the University, even if you use an external email service.


A lot of people with the School, and indeed, across the University, are seemingly happy to have external hosting providers handle email content that contains University-related information.

Because of the highly personal way that people choose their external usernames, this can mean that people at the University might receive email that appears to come from, for example, some random account at Google, or even from two or more usernames that are the same, except for being within some person's own domain.

Furthermore whilst some people will make sure that when they enter into, or carry on with, School/VUW-related email conversations with external parties, it can also mean that external recipients of email may also get University-related communications from seemingly random mail accounts.

Given the amount of money that the University spends on promoting its brand, it might be seen to be a good thing to make it appear, when entering into, or carrying on with, email conversations about School/University matters, as though one was actually part of the School/University, by appearing to use one of the email addresses that the School/University provides its people with.

This Tech Note seeks to collect the information that members of the School and University will need, to allow them to be seen to be members of the School and University when using email for School/University matters.


Your own domain

If you are hosting your own domain, then this is obviously something that you need (no pun intended) to address for yourself.


If you use a Gmail account then Google, as you might expect, make doing this very easy.

Within Gmail's


pane, there is a tab

Accounts and Import

containing a section

Send mail as:

which allows one to achieve the desired functionality.

Google's support page for this feature

explains the feature as follows

Gmail lets you send messages with another of your email addresses listed as the sender instead of your Gmail address. This feature helps you manage multiple accounts from the Gmail interface; it works only if you already own the email account linked to the alternate address

and goes on to say

Once you're set up: sending mail

To use one of your alternate sender addresses, click the From link when you compose a new message. If you're replying to or forwarding a message, click the field where your recipients are listed, then click From. After clicking From, you'll see a drop-down menu next to your address, where you can select the email address you'd like to send from.

so, as you can see, it is all very simple.