Technical Note - Mailing Lists


ECS maintains many different mailing lists to allow staff, students and others to easily communicate with each other. This page lists all the mailing lists we administer.


Emailing staff and students

Sending a message To: any of these addresses will send copies of your message to the appropriate group of people. All addresses are

  • staff - all school staff
    • academic - all academic staff
    • tech-staff - The ECS programmers and technicians
    • professional-staff - ECS professional staff (including those also on the tech-staff list)
  • graduates - all graduate students
  • others - Other people with accounts on the ECS system
  • announce - A convenience list that sends mail to staff, graduates and others

HELP The others list does not necessarily include all those in the UNIX group others. It is a subset of people for whom group announcements may be appropriate (such as school visitors).

Class lists

Most ECS courses and many SMS ones have mailing lists associated with them. The list name will be [ClassCode]-class and will contain all students, tutors and staff associated with the course. There may also be a [ClassCode]-staff list containing just the lecturers and tutors. Staff members can check if these lists exists for their courses and also verify the list membership by going to our Automatically Generated Mailing Lists page.

If a list doesn't exist a course lecturer can request one by emailing Once a list has been created for a course it will be automatically populated in subsequent years, so it will only need to be requested once.

Public lists

ECS also hosts public lists, which can be found at our mailman page.

Other useful addresses

  • bugs - For reporting problems with ECS systems.
  • jobs - For requesting a task to be performed on the ECS systems, that isn't a bug.
  • printers - For reporting problems with printers (such as paper jams, poor print quality and such)