Technical Note - Participation App


The Participation App allows tutors and staff to quickly build a list of students who participated in an activity. This list can be emailed and used to enter a participation mark. A participation mark is a binary mark.


Students will need to create their own QR consisting of their username and Student ID, using this web generator. They can either save the image or save the link associated with their QR to access it again later.

Staff and tutors will need to download and install either the
  • Android app, or
  • Apple (note it is an "unlisted app" so one cannot search for it on the App Store).

It is very easy and free for tutors to download it. It follows university regulations.

How does it work?

Using the app on their phone, staff scans the QR of the students who have participated. It is possible to add an entry manually if needed. At the end of the event an email can be sent to a given address, or the default email address.

The Settings allow to set a Course Code for naming the .csv file, as well as the default email address.

This video illustrate a scanning of QRs.