Technical Note - Printing Allocations for Students

This technical note is out of date. ECS no longer does page accounting for its printers so printing allocations are not required.


This document outlines the policy for student printing in ECS


Students with logins on the ECS system are entitled to unlimited free laser printing as long as they print two or more pages of their documents on each side of paper. This is often referred to as "N-up" printing, where N is commonly 2 but on ECS systems can also be 4, 6, 9 or 16. The easiest way to obtain free printing is to select a printer whose name ends with "-2up". The printing tech note illustrates how to achieve this.

Pages printed on school printers whose names do not end in -2up will by default be printed in 1-up format and will be charged at $0.10 per page. Students can print on these printers providing they purchase a print allocation in advance from the MSOR/ECS school office.

Certain categories of students are given an initial allocation of 1-up pages that they can use before they have to purchase more. The current policy on initial allocations is:

  • 300-level courses and below: on a per course basis as determined by lecturer
  • Honours, MCompSc, BE 4th year, MEP, MSwDev and MSc Pt. 1 courses: $12 (120 pages) per course
  • "Project" courses (eg: COMP 489, MATH 489, COMP 588, ORST 889, etc): $30 (300 pages)
  • ME/MSc Part 2: no restriction on use.
  • PhD thesis: no restriction on use
  • Students with Research Assistant contracts: no restriction on use

You can check on your current usage and remaining quota via this web page.

ALERT! Any printing quota credited to you as a result of enrolment in a course will be lost if you withdraw from that course within its first three weeks. This may cause your printing quota balance to become negative!

ALERT! The print allocation balances (whether an initial free allocation or purchased) are not refundable/exchangable for cash.