Technical Note - Printing From a Mac Laptop


The CUPS printing system now in use at ECS provides an improved interface to networked systems. This document details the process of adding a printer to a Mac OSX system.


Adding Printers

  1. If you are using the VUW wireless network, authenticate to it first.
  2. In the Printing Control Panel, click on the "+" to add a printer.
  3. In the Protocol field, select IPP
  4. In the Address field, type ""
  5. In the Queue field, type "printers/printername", where "printername" is the queue name for the printer, such as "press".
  6. Select the printer driver, such as "HP Laserjet 4350". You can find the make/model of our current printers from our CUPS server
  7. Configure the printer to set items such as the number of trays, paper size, and Duplex printing, etc.
ALERT! Note:

Printing To Added Printers

  • Printing to any of our printers that automatically produce 2-up output (2 pages reduced and rotated on each side of an A4 sheet) should work without any further configuration
  • Printing to any of our printers in 1-up format requires that your ECS login has a 1-up printing allocation and that your Macintosh username matches your ECS one.
  • If you want to print in 1-up format and your Macintosh and ECS usernames do not match, but you are an ECS staff member, graduate student or visitor you can request a mapping be set up. Send a message to specifying your ECS and laptop usernames.

ALERT! Note:
  • ECS usernames are always all lowercase, but laptops often uses usernames which have an initial capital letter. Such a username will not match a similar ECS username.