Technical Note - Meeting Rooms ECS Students can book


ECS students are allowed to book a room for meetings. All booking have to be made through our booking web pages and are only allowed to be a maximum of two hours for any given booking. A booking will not be finalised until approved by a ECS/SMS office staff member.


Currently rooms bookable by students are as below

  • CO242A - group meeting room (6 seats)
  • CO242B - help desk/ group meeting room (6 seats)

To make a booking click on one of the links above which will take you to the monthly calendar for the room. Click on the date you want to make a booking for and choose "Create Reservation" Fill in the details and click on create.

Your booking will be either be Accepted or Removed by a staff member when they have had a chance to look at it. You can get email notification of this or just go back to the web page at a later time to see the status of your booking.

In order to get email notifications you choose "My Account" -> "Notification Preferences" from the top menu bar. Turn on "Send me an email" for pending & deleting a reservation. This will go to your default ECS email address. If you want to change your email address you can do this "My Account" -> "Profile" menu.