Technical Note - Usability Lab


Requirements for the use of the Usability Lab

You will need to discuss your experiment with Roger, to go through any technical issues, and requirements.

Each Usability test will require a slightly different setup in the lab, please make a time to go through your requirements, to re-configure the room does take time.


To use the Usability Lab can you please supply the following details

  1. Dates and times you wish to use the lab
  2. Your recording requirements; Record just audio or video of the participant Record just audio and video of the participant Record audio and video of the participant plus the screen they are looking at.
  3. Do you want the output on DVD or Computer File
  4. when do you need the output by.
  5. How long each testing session is. eg One hour per test subject
  6. How many sessions do you need run (how many participants)
  7. The resolution of the screen, if you would like screen capture.
  8. The Operating System you wish to use, eg Win 7, OS X.
  9. The applications you wish to use.
  10. Do you require network access.

Useful things to think about

  1. It is useful if you add Roger Cliffe to your ethics approval documents, if there are any editing requirements or need to be present to run technical equipment.
  2. Plan a test run to see the best placement for cameras etc
  3. Check recordings after each subject. Waiting till the end of the day to find out something hasn't worked is to late.
  4. Ideally do not crowd the subjects to close together, allow 10 to 15 minutes to make changes, change tapes, or to fix anything that has gone wrong