AI Graduate Theses (completed)

Student Thesis degree supervisor
Tony Butler-Yeoman Disentangling complex causes with deep neural nets MSc Marcus Frean with Prof Stephen Marsland
Praveen Choppala Tracking multiple sources using particle filtering and the PHD filter PhD Paul Teal, Marcus Frean
Keith Cassell Machine learning, knowledge representation and automated refactoring PhD Peter Andreae and Lindsay Groves
Mahdi Setayesh Particle Swarm Optimisation for Image Recognition PhD Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston
Son Nguyen Vietnamese Text Categorisation PhD Peter Andreae and Xiaoying Sharon Gao
Anna Friedlander Detection of faint sources in radio astronomy images MSc Marcus Frean, Chris Hollitt, and Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
Urvesh Bhowan Genetic Programming for Classification with Unbalanced Data PhD Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston
Will Smart Genetic programming PhD Mengjie Zhang and Peter Andreae
Yun Zhang Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Recommender Systems PhD Peter Andreae
Daniel Crabtree Web clustering and search PhD Xiaoying Sharon Gao and Peter Andreae
Maciej Wojnar Learning actions in complex worlds PhD Peter Andreae
Adam Clarke Machine Learning for complex worlds MSc Peter Andreae
James Bebbington Reinforcement learning and Restricted Boltzmann Machines MSc Marcus Frean
Rohitash Chandra Learning algorithms for recurrent neural networks PhD Marcus Frean and Mengjie Zhang
Sergio Hernandez Multiple target tracking algorithms PhD Marcus Frean and Paul Teal
Huayang Xie (Jason) An Analysis of Selection in Genetic Programming PhD Mengjie Zhang and Peter Andreae
Phillip Wong Program Simplification in Genetic Programming MSc Mengjie Zhang
Richard Mansfield Stability and evolution in rock-paper-scissors ecologies PhD Marcus Frean
Phillip Boyle Gaussian Processes for Regression and Optimization PhD Marcus Frean
Thomas Roehr Control of a hierarchical team of robots for Urban Search and Rescue MSc Peter Andreae and Dale Carnegie
Tim Field Policy-gradient learning for motor control MSc Marcus Frean
Russell Tod Online Unsupervised Learning with Spiking Neurons MSc Marcus Frean
Jeromé Dolman Exploring mechanisms of retino-tectal development MSc Marcus Frean
Huayang Xie Speech recognition for ESOL MSc Mengjie Zhang and Peter Andreae
Mukhlis Matti Clustering algorithms MSc Peter Andreae