Recruitment and Scholarships

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD Scholarships

Good students (GPA of A- or above) with publications can apply for the following scholarships:
  • PhD Admission and Scholarships Applications; Victoria PhD scholarship (for PhD candidates already enrolled at, or with an offer of study from VUW). (Closing dates: 1 March, 1 July, 1 November Every Year, for both domestic and international students)

  • VUW and China Scholarship Council PhD Scholarship: (For Chinese Students Only). Successful students will get 48 months of stipend from China Scholarship Council and VUW will cover the tuition fees up to 48 months. An overview and process can be seen from Program Overview. (Closing date: 1 Feb, 1 November Every year)

  • Marsden/Government and Industry Funded PhD Scholarships: We are looking for a PhD student in Genetic Programming, Evolutionary Deep Learning, Transfer Learning, Feature Selection/Construction and Big Dimensionality Reduction, Clustering/Classification/Big Data, Image Analysis, Symbolic Regression, Evolutionary Scheduling and Combinatorial Optimisation. We have full funding available to cover tuition fees, living, and travel. Please email me for more information if you have a Masters or Honours degree (with a first-class Honours or Distinction or a GPA of 80% or above) and a good background in Evolutionary Computing, Machine Learning and/or Operations Research! (Closing dates: 1 March, 1 July, 1 November Every year)

Contact us if you want to do a PhD in these research areas and want to get a scholarship.

BSc/BE (COMP/SWEN/AI/DATA) Hons Projects/Summer Research Scholarships

  • Our research grants can support several summer research scholarships/assistants (from November 2021 to February 2022) and BSc/BE (COMP/SWEN/AI) Honours projects from March to October 2021.
  • Applicants are expected to have an A or above for COMP307 and have strong programming skills in Java/Python/C/C++.
  • Contact us if you want to do a research project in AI, machine learning, evolutionary computation (learning and optimisation), big data/data science/data analytics.