Group 1: Image Analysis


nick.jpg harith.jpeg

Dr Nick King and Dr Harith Al-Sahaf

Research Directions:
  • Shell feature extraction
  • Mussel Hall sensor signal processing
  • Fin fish image analysis
  • Scoring skeletal health from X-ray images of salmon vertebrae

Group 2: Causality

Leaders :

LinleyJesson.png grant dick.jpg BingXue2019.JPG

Dr Linley Jesson and A/Prof Grant Dick  

and Prof Bing Xue

Research Directions:
  • Causal evolutionary learning
  • Causal modelling case studies

Group 3: Genetics and Multi-criteria Decision making

Leaders :

maren-wellenreuther.jpg yimei.jpeg

Dr Maren Wellenreuther and Dr Yi Mei

Research Directions:
  • Breeding program design
  • Multi-criteria modelling to advance aquaculture breeding programmes

Group 4: Data Analysis and Prediction - fin fish

Leaders :

jane.jpg ivy liu.jpeg binh.jpeg

Dr Jane Symonds and A/Prof Ivy (I-Ming) Liu and Dr Binh Nguyen

Research Directions:
  • Prediction using Machine Learning techniques
  • Scoring skeletal health from X-ray images of salmon vertebrae

Group 5: Data Analysis and Prediction - shell fish

Leaders :

ross.jpg BingXue2019.JPG

Dr Ross Vennell and Prof Bing Xue

Research Directions:
  • Machine learning techniques for designing and developing mussel mood monitor
  • Evolutionary machine learning for data analysis for shell-fish

Group 6: Transfer Learning for object detection, modelling


LinleyJesson.png BingXue2019.JPG harris.jpeg

Dr Linley Jesson and Prof Bing Xue and Dr Harris Lin

Research Directions:
  • Transfer learning on image and object detection
  • Transfer learning on image data and other types of data
  • Transfer learning on regression problems