Technical Note - School Machines


ECS operates many different machines for different purposes. This document lists details about the servers that we have.



The school hardware environment comprises a mixture of server machines of different types with access to them provided by UNIX workstations, Macs and a number of Microsoft Windows machines. Typically the machines provided on desktops are Intel-based PCs running ArchLinux or Macs running Mac OS X.

The Servers are primarily supplied by Dell, Sun Microsystems and Apple with a few other systems in specialist roles. Operating Systems are NetBSD, Solaris, OS X, Linux and Windows Server.

Staff have access to all general purpose servers in the school plus those systems available for undergraduates. Graduates have access to a subset of these dependent on their course of study. Undergraduate students only have access to the undergraduate servers and machines in the labs. All of the servers are in the domain

See also the GPU Servers technote for specifics on the GPU servers.



NameSorted ascending Server Type
barretts AMD64/Linux
embassy AMD64/Linux
greta-pt AMD64/Linux
lighthouse SPARC/Solaris
regent AMD64/Linux


NameSorted ascending Server Type
bats AMD64/NetBSD
circa AMD64/NetBSD

Special Purpose

NameSorted ascending Server Type Role
academy Mac/OS X Mac Admin server
bordeaux Intel/Linux Compute server
cantina Mac/OS X Mac Admin server
courtenay AMD64/NetBSD File server
cuda0 Intel/Linux GPU server (SMS)
cuda1 Intel/Linux GPU server (SMS)
cuda10 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda11 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda12 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda13 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda2 Intel/Linux GPU server (SMS)
cuda3 Intel/Linux GPU server (SMS)
cuda4 Intel/Linux GPU server (SMS)
cuda5 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda6 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda7 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda8 Intel/Linux GPU server
cuda9 Intel/Linux GPU server
depot AMD64/NetBSD Databases
downstage AMD64/NetBSD DNS, print server
gryphon Intel/Linux Compute server
kaukau AMD64/NetBSD Services machine (mail, ftp and so on)
kings AMD64/NetBSD File server
leper Intel/Windows Windows Server Updates Service
lido AMD64/NetBSD File server
majestic Mac/OS X Mac FM server
mid-city Intel/NetBSD Monitor system
monterey AMD64/NetBSD File server
paramount AMD64/NetBSD Web server
phoenix AMD64/NetBSD File server
piccolo Intel/Linux GPU server
red-tomatoes Intel/Linux GPU server
rialto Intel/NetBSD File server
roxy AMD64/NetBSD File server
somes Intel/Windows 2012 Remote Desktop server
st-james AMD64/NetBSD File server
state-opera AMD64/NetBSD File server
the-villa Intel/Linux Compute server
ward Intel/Windows 2012 Undergraduate Remote Desktop server
www-cache AMD64/NetBSD Web cache