The AI-SCC group are from universities, industry and research centers. We aim to develop effective AI based methods for service composition. resource allocation in cloud, social service analysis.

Staff members
  • A/Prof Hui Ma (Associate Professor) - Evolutionary Web Service Composition, Evolutionary Combinatorial Optimisation, Databases
  • Dr Aaron Chen (Senior Lecturer) - Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning, Learning Classifer Systems, Evolutionary Programming, Differential Evolution, Distributed systems, Multiagent Coordination.
  • Dr Mohammad Nekooei (Lecturer) wireless communications and networking, health informatics, wireless body area networks, fuzzy logic, and machine learning.
  • Prof Sven Hartmann from Clausthal University of Technology, Germany
  • Dr. Chen Wang from NIWA, New Zealand
  • Dr. Victoria Huang from NIWA, New Zealand
  • Dr. Qiang Fu from RMIT, Australia
  • Prof. Kyle Chard from University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory

Current PhD students: Alumni