Academic Staff



PhD Students

Student Topic Degree Supervisor Years
Philip Oliver Generating Tests for Crash Reproduction PhD Michael Homer, Jens Dietrich, Craig Anslow 2021 -
Isaac Gariano TBC PhD Marco Servetto, James Noble 2019 -
Erin Greenwood-Thessman TBC PhD Michael Homer, James Noble 2019 -
Manish Singh Lock Free Balanced BST's PhD (part-time) Alex Potanin, Lindsay Groves 2017 -

Masters Students

Student Topic Degree Supervisor Years
Regev Benita IQL Master Marco Servetto 2020

Honours Students

Student Topic Degree Supervisor Years
Claire Chambers Optimizing the 42 compiler BE(Hons) Marco Servetto 2021
Justine Micaela Lim-Ranola Flat Finder BE(Hons) Marco Servetto 2021
Thomas Rainford Whiley to TypeScript Transpiler BE(Hons) David Pearce 2021
Max McMurray Transpiling Whiley to C++20 BE(Hons) David Pearce 2021
Pintheruralalag Wijeratne Prolog Visualization BE(Hons) Thomas Kühne 2021
Bailey Jewell Greybox Fuzzing .NET Web Applications BE(Hons) Jens Dietrich , Ferdinand Hagethorn (Planit Testing), Hugh Davenport (Planit Testing) 2021
Dominic Tjiptono Haskell in the Real World BE(Hons) Alex Potanin, James Noble 2021
Rowan Rathod Automated Farm Sensing on a Robonomics Platform BE(Hons) Alex Potanin 2021
Samantha Hau WFA Events Management App BE(Hons) Alex Potanin and Roger Cliffe (as client) 2021

Research Assistants

Student Topic Supervisor Years
Leon Bowie AgriDataTrade Marketplace Alex Potanin 2021