Software and Programming Group

SPG Logo The Software and Programming Group (SPG) involves leading software engineering and programming languages researchers with links to a large number of international institutions worldwide. We conduct research on static analysis, modern programming language design, type systems, modelling, formal methods, human aspects, and database. We contribute to the development of both commercial and research programming languages and tools. We always seek new PhD and masters students with a background in software development with experience in compilers, language design, and tools implementation.


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  • Jens Dietrich gave a talk, and Michael Homer, and Craig Anslow attended the NZ Testing Conference July 2022
  • James Noble has been lucky enough to receive a 2021 Marsden Fund grant of NZD 685,000 for work on Gradual Concurrency (3min video). The project comes with a Marsden funded PhD (NZD35,000 tax free for 3 years) --- let James know if you're interested.
  • Julian Mackay has received the prestigious MBIE Science Whitinga Fellowship, with a total value of NZD 320,000.
  • The Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge (SfTI) has accepted the proposal for the new spearhead project on Veracity. This project will fund researchers from several NZ universities, coordinated at VUW by Markus Luczak-Roesch. The project will be funded with 2m for two years starting in July 21, with a possible extension after this. From SPG, Jens Dietrich will be funded to work on software provenance, in particular on the use of program analysis techniques to improve the transparency and auditability of software. The project comes with a funded PhD and research assistance positions, please get in touch if you are interested.
  • Best Short Paper Award for "The Effects of Social Support and Work Engagement with Scrum Events" at CHASE 2021 by Debora Müller, Kropp Martin, Craig Anslow, Andreas Meier
  • Watch Jens Dietrich give his ICSE'20 talk.
  • Michael Homer, Craig Anslow and Jens Dietrich have their proposal accepted by the Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge (SfTI). The proposal is on Automating Automated Testing -- regression test synthesis from bug reports, the project will be funded with 200k NZD. If you are interested in a PhD project in this area, please contact any of the investigators.
  • We organized IEEE VL/HCC 2020 (10-14 August 2020) in Dunedin, NZ virtual!
  • We organized IEEE VISSOFT 2020 (28-29 September 2020) in Adelaide, Australia virtual!
  • We co-organized APSEC 2016 (6-9 December 2016) in Hamilton, NZ.