PhD Topic Degree Supervisor Year
Julian Mackay Decidable Subtyping for Path Dependent Types PhD Alex Potanin, Lindsay Groves, Jonathan Aldrich 2021
Tim Jones Classless Object Semantics PhD James Noble, David Pearce 2017
Mawarny Md. Rejab Expertise Coordination for Agile Software Development Projects PhD James Noble, Stuart Marshall 2017
Paley Li Object Cloning for Ownership Systems PhD James Noble, Nick Cameron 2015
Roman Klapaukh An Empirical Evaluation of Force-Directed Graph Layout PhD Stuart Marshall, David Pearce 2014
Michael Homer Graceful Language Extensions and Interfaces PhD James Noble, David Pearce 2014
Michael Waterman Reconciling agility and architecture: a theory of agile architecture PhD James Noble, George Allan 2014
Siva Dorairaj The Theory of One Team: Agile Software Development with Distributed Teams PhD James Noble, Petra Malik 2013
Craig Anslow Collaborative Software Visualization in Co-located Environments PhD James Noble, Stuart Marshall, Robert Biddle 2013
Stephen Nelson Profiling Initialisation Behaviour in Java PhD James Noble, David Pearce 2012
Rashina Hoda Self-Organizing Agile Teams: A Grounded Theory PhD James Noble, Stuart Marshall 2011
Angela Martin The Role of Customers in Extreme Programming Projects PhD James Noble, Robert Biddle 2009
Matthew Duignan Computer Mediated Music Production: a Study of Abstraction and Activity PhD James Noble, Robert Biddle 2008
Pippin Barr Video Game Values: Play as Human-Computer Interaction PhD James Noble, Robert Biddle 2008
Rilla Khaled Culturally-Relevant Persuasive Technology PhD James Noble, Robert Biddle 2008
Alex Potanin Generic Ownership PhD Dave Clarke, James Noble, Robert Biddle 2003 - 2006
Stuart Marshall Test Driving Reusable Components PhD James Noble, Robert Biddle 2006
Michael Richmond   PhD James Noble 2002
Dave Clarke   PhD James Noble 2002
David Holmes   PhD James Noble 1999

Masters Topic Degree Supervisor Year
Regev Benita IQL Master Marco Servetto 2020
Jack Purvis CJing: Combining Live Coding and VJing for Live Visual Performance MSc Craig Anslow, James Noble 2019
Paran Haslett Maintaining private views in Java MSc David Pearce 2014
Samuel Hindmash Investigating the effects of corpus and configuration on assistive input methods ME Stuart Marshall 2014
Fahmi Abdulhamid SpEx: A Tool for Visualising and Navigating Speech Audio MSc Stuart Marshall 2013
Daniel Cope A Multi-Touch Explorer Environment for Eclipse MSc Stuart Marshall 2013
Neil Ramsay An Information Visualisation Tool for Emergency Management MSc Stuart Marshall 2012
Yi-jing Chung Improving Accuracy and Efficiency of Hand Gestures on Multi-Touch Devices MSc Stuart Marshall 2012
Frank Schmager Evaluating the GO Programming Language with Design Patterns MSc James Noble, Nick Cameron 2010
Vipul Delwadia RemoteME: Experiments in Thin-Client Mobile Computing MSc Stuart Marshall 2009
Chris Male Mocha: Type Inference for Java MSc David Pearce 2009
Darren Willis The Java Query Language MSc David Pearce, James Noble 2009
Donald Gordon Encapsulation Enforcement with Dynamic Ownership MSc James Noble 2008
Jennifer Ferreira Interaction Design and Agile Development: a Real World Perspective MSc James Noble, Robert Biddle 2008
Craig Anslow Evaluating Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics For Use in Software Visualisation MSc James Noble, Stuart Marshall, Robert Biddle 2008
Michael McGavin SAMoN: A Semiotic Abstract Model of Navigation. MSc James Noble, Robert Biddle 2005
Matthew Duignan Evaluating Scalable Vector Graphics for Software Visualisation MSc Robert Biddle 2003
Pippin Barr User-Interface Metaphors in Theory and Practice MSc Robert Biddle 2003

Honours (ENGR489) Topic Degree Supervisor Year
Claire Chambers Optimizing the 42 compiler BE(Hons) Marco Servetto 2021
Justine Micaela Lim-Ranola Flat Finder BE(Hons) Marco Servetto 2021
Thomas Rainford Whiley to TypeScript Transpiler BE(Hons) David Pearce 2021
Max McMurray Transpiling Whiley to C++20 BE(Hons) David Pearce 2021
Pintheruralalag Wijeratne Prolog Visualization BE(Hons) Thomas Kühne 2021
Bailey Jewell Greybox Fuzzing .NET Web Applications BE(Hons) Jens Dietrich , Ferdinand Hagethorn (Planit Testing), Hugh Davenport (Planit Testing) 2021
Dominic Rjiptono Haskell in the Real-World BE(Hons) Alex Potanin 2021
Rowan Rathod Automated Remote Farm Sensing BE(Hons) Alex Potanin 2021
Samantha Hau WFA Events App BE(Hons) Alex Potanin 2021
Jack Hazlehurst Incremental Static Analysis for Regression Test Selection BE(Hons) Jens Dietrich 2020
Philip Oliver Analysing Workloads for Incremental Compilers BE(Hons) David Pearce 2020
Lavanya Sajwan Why do programmers do what they do? Understanding Security Choices BE(Hons) James Noble, Craig Anslow 2020
Brendan Julian Why Programmers Do What they Do? BE(Hons) James Noble, Craig Anslow 2018
Tristan Irons User Interfaces for Programmers BE(Hons) James Noble 2018
Cameron Bryers Simple Game Programming in Grace BE(Hons) James Noble, Michael Homer 2017
Aaron Pang Why Do Programmers Do What They Do? BE(Hons) James Noble, Craig Anslow 2017