Conference Programme


Oral Session 1: Image Processing I

Session Chair: A.Prof. Richard Green

Paper ID 14: Texture classification using local discriminative features and fisher encoding (Rakesh Mehta and Karen Egiazarian)

Paper ID 22: The Integral Image Method for Fisheye Images (Maria Mikhisor, Geoff Wyvill, Brendan McCane and Steven Mills)

Paper ID 36: Learning Generic Third-order MGRF Texture Models (Ralph Versteegen, Georgy Gimel'Farb and Patricia Riddle)

Paper ID 63: Bowstring-Based Dual-Threshold Computation Method for Adaptive Canny Edge Detector (Xiangdong Liu, Yin Yu, Bing Liu and Zhen Li)

Oral Session 2: Computer Vision

Session Chair: Dr. Patrice Delmas

Paper ID 10: Singularity Resolution for Dimension Reduction (Shawn Martin and Lech Szymanski)

Paper ID 12: Detection of False Feature Correspondences in Feature Based Object Detection Systems (Christopher Bulla and Peter Hosten)

Paper ID 70: Reliable Face Recognition using Feature Selection and Image Rejection based on Probabilistic Face Model (Jeongin Seo and Hyeyoung Park)

Paper ID 108: Processing Techniques for Motorcycle Safety Helmet Detection (Rattapoom Waranusast, Pattanawadee Pattanathaburt, Nannaphat Bundon, Vasan Timtong and Chainarong Tangnoi)

Oral Session 3: Entertainment Application

Session Chair: Prof. Mark Billinghurst

Paper ID 21: More for Less: Fast Image Warping for Improving the Appearance of Head Tracking on HMDs (Edward Peek, Burkhard Wuensche and Christof Lutteroth)

Paper ID 102: Multi-Kinect Scene Reconstruction: Calibration and Depth Inconsistencies (Roy Sirui Yang, Yuk Hin Chan, Rui Gong, Minh Nguyen, Alfonso Gastelum Strozzi, Rachel Ababou)

Paper ID 145: Transform Flow: A Mobile Augmented Reality Visualisation and Evaluation Toolkit (Samuel Williams, Richard Green and Mark Billinghurst)

Paper ID 146: Manifold Alignment Using Curvature Information (S. Mohammad Mavadati, Mohammad H. Mahoor, and Xiao Zhang)

Oral Session 4: Bio-Medical Image Processing

Session Chair: Prof. Phil Bones

Paper ID 31: Diffraction by small crystals with incomplete unit cells (Joe Chen, and Rick Millane)

Paper ID 43:An image processing pipeline for segmenting the retinal layers from optical coherence tomography images (Farzaneh Shalbaf, Jason Turuwhenua, Socrates Dokos and Ehsan Vaghefi)

Paper ID 78: Image Asymmetry Measurement for the Study of Endangered Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard (Damian Tohl, Jim S. Jimmy Li, Leili Shamimi and C. Michael Bull)

Paper ID 120: Kernel-mapped Histograms of Multi-scale LBPs for Tree Bark Recognition (Milan Sulc and Jiri Matas)

Oral Session 5: 3D, Stereo

Session Chair: A.Prof. Brendan McCane

Paper ID 38: Symmetric Dynamic Programming Stereo Using Block Matching Guidance (Minh Nguyen, Yuk Hin Chan, Patrice Delmas and Georgy Gimel'Farb)

Paper ID 45: Towards Structural Analysis of Solution Spaces for Ill-Posed Discrete 1D Optimisation Problems (Rui Gong, Georgy Gimel'Farb, Radu Nicolescu and Patrice Delmas)

Paper ID 92: Calibration of LiDAR Device using Infrared Images (Chia-Yen Chen, Hsiang-Jen Chien and Po-Sen Huang)

Paper ID 118: Approximate Models for Fast and Accurate Epipolar Geometry Estimation (James Pritts, Ondrej Chum and Jiri Matas)

Oral Session 6: Application

Session Chair: A. Prof. Donald Bailey

Paper ID 19: Finding a vine structure in an image by bottom-up parsing of cane edges (Tom Botterill, Richard Green and Steven Mills)

Paper ID 52: Layout Analysis of Book Pages (Chad Oliver and Richard Green)

Paper ID 81: ColourFAST: GPU-based Feature Point Detection and Tracking on Mobile Devices (Andrew Ensor and Seth Hall)

Paper ID 123: A Hand Shape Recognizer from Simple Sketches (Xiaolong Zhu, Ruoxin Sang, Xuhui Jia and Kwan-Yee K. Wong)

Oral Session 7: Image Processing II

Session Chair: Dr. Michael Cree

Paper ID 80: Colour Segmentation for Multiple Low Dynamic Range Images using Boosted Cascaded Classifiers (Andre L. C. Barczak, Teo Susnjak, Napoleon H. Reyes and Martin J. Johnson)

Paper ID 84: A hierarchical Clustering Approach for Image Datasets (Shreelekha Pandey and Pritee Khanna)

Paper ID 132: Registration of images from a hull mounted, low frequency synthetic aperture sonar (Michael Hayes and Blair Bonnett)

Paper ID 156: Investigating large-scale feature matching using the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor (Kai-Cheung Leung, David Eyers, Xiaoxin Tang, Steven Mills and Zhiyi Huang)

Oral Session 8: Computer Graphics

Session Chair: Dr. Burkhard W√ľnsche

Paper ID 60: Expression Transfer: a System to build 3D Blend Shapes for Facial Animation (Chandan Pawaskar, Wan-Chun Ma, Kieran Carnegie, J.P. Lewis and Taehyun Rhee)

Paper ID 73: Deformation Transfer based on Stretchiness Ratio (Yung-Hsiang Yang, Wan-Chun Ma, Yusuke Yoshiyasu and Ming Ouhyoung)

Paper ID 59: A Pose Space for Squash and Stretch Deformation (Richard Roberts and Byron Mallett)

Paper ID 68: Perceptually Based Radiance Map for Realistic Composition (Andrew Chalmers, Jong Jin Choi and Taehyun Rhee)

Poster Session 1

Session Chair: Dr. Christopher Hollitt

Paper ID 3: A Synchronous Method in Binocular Vision and its Error Analysis. (Yizhou Huang, Rongqian Yang, Yueshan Huang, Xiaoyan Wen and Xuan Si)

Paper ID 6: Hot Pixel Removal within Colour Filter Array Demosaicking using Modified Bilateral Filters (Sharmil Randhawa and Jim S. Jimmy Li)

Paper ID 8: A machine vision extension to the Ruby programming language using OpenCV and FFI (Aaron Marburg, Michael Hayes and Andrew Bainbridge-Smith)

Paper ID 9: Segmentation enhances material analysis in multi-energy CT: A simulation study (Christopher Bateman, Jamie McMahon, Amber Malpas, Niels de Ruiter, Stephen Bell, Anthony Butler, Philip Butler and Peter Renaud)

Paper ID 11: Efficient hardware calculation of running statistics (Donald Bailey and Michael Klaiber)

Paper ID 13: On Multi-task Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection (Xiao Zhang, Mohammad H. Mahoor and Rodney D. Nielsen)

Paper ID 17: Large-Scale Feature Matching with Distributed and Heterogeneous Computing (Steven Mills, David Eyers, Kai-Cheung Leung, Xiaoxin Tang and Zhiyi Huang)

Paper ID 23: Vehicle Detection in Monocular Night-Time Grey-level Videos (Umesh Kumar)

Paper ID 24: Binary Image Classification Using Genetic Programming Based on Local Binary Patterns (Harith Al-Sahaf, Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston)

Paper ID 28: Enhanced Patch-Based Image Inpainting with Poison Interpolation (Hoang Minh Nguyen, Burkhard Wunsche, Patrice Delmas and Christof Lutteroth)

Paper ID 29: Kinect Mirror Box for Stroke Rehabilitation (Craig Robertson, Liam Vink, Holger Regenbrecht, Christof Lutteroth and Burkhard Wuensche)

Paper ID 30: Trading off salience and uncertainty in sampling a visual scene (Arindam Bhakta, Marcus Frean, Christopher Hollitt and Will Browne)

Paper ID 33: Feature-Matching and Extended Kalman Filter for Stereo Ego-motion Estimation (Haokun Geng and Qinwen Hu)

Paper ID 34: Scalable Face Image Retrieval Integrating Multi-feature Quantization and Constrained Reference Re-ranking (Xiao-Jiao Mao and Yu-Bin Yang)

Paper ID 39: 3D versus 2D based indoor image matching analysis on images of low cost mobile devices (Nabeel Khan, Brendan McCane and Steven Mills)

Paper ID 40: Action Recognition based on Principal Geodesic Analysis (Xiping Fu, Brendan Mccane, Michael Albert and Steven Mills)

Paper ID 41: The Design and Calibration of a 3D Motion Capture System for Arthropods (Tobias Hoermann, Steven Mills, Mike Paulin and Stefan Reussenzehn)

Paper ID 47: Split-and-Merge EM for Vine Image Segmentation (Ricardo David Castaneda Marin, Tom Botterill and Richard Green)

Paper ID 48: Enhanced real time facial detection and replacement using GPGPU (Michael Lancaster and Richard Green)

Paper ID 49: Key Detection for a Virtual Piano Teacher (Adam Goodwin and Richard Green)

Poster Session 2

Session Chair: Dr. Ramesh Rayudu

Paper ID 51: Adaptive Human Silhouette Extraction with Chromatic Distortion and Contour Tracking (Jamie Schiel and Richard Green)

Paper ID 55: Investigation of Low-level Edge Feature Extraction using Three Blocks (Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang)

Paper ID 56: Chess Move Tracking using Overhead RGB Camera (Victor Wang and Richard Green)

Paper ID 61: Synthesis of Incidental Detail as Composable Components in a Functional Language (Richard Roberts, John Lewis and Timothy Jones)

Paper ID 62: An Algebraic-Probabilistic Solution to Correspondence Problems for Branched Structures (Davide Floriello, Tom Botterill and Richard Green)

Paper ID 65: Physiological gating of the MARS spectral CT scanner and validation of artefact correction by proximity measure (Ian Glass, Phil Bones, Stephen Weddell, Anthony Butler and Phil Butler)

Paper ID 67: Vision based inter-vehicle distance estimation with extended outlier correspondence (Nimal Jayalath Amarasinghe and Zhengping Wang)

Paper ID 71: Gaussian Mixture Models and Information Entropy for Image Segmentation using Particle Swarm Optimisation (Wenlong Fu, Mark Johnston and Mengjie Zhang)

Paper ID 72: Robust Wire Detector for a Vine Pruning Robot (Joshua McCulloch and Richard Green)

Paper ID 74: Sparse Features in Deep Learning for Noise-Robust Digit Classification (Muhammad Ghifary, W. Bastiaan Kleijn and Mengjie Zhang)

Paper ID 77: Finger Identification using Hand Boundary Decomposition (Chin Yeow Wong, Stephen Ching-Feng Lin, Guannan Jiang and Ngai Ming Kwok)

Paper ID 85: FPGA Implementation of 2D Cross-Correlation for Real-Time 3D Tracking of Deformable Surfaces (Amir Hajirassouliha, Thiranja P. Babarenda Gamage, Matthew D. Parker, Martyn P. Nash, Andrew J. Taberner and Poul M. F. Nielsen)

Paper ID 87: A New Improved Scheme for Face Recognition Analysis - Two-Dimensional Kernel Entropy Component (Sepehr Damavandinejadmonfared and Vijay Varadharajan)

Paper ID 90: Implementing 3D visualizations of EEG signal in Artistic applications (Kameron Christopher, Ajay Kapur, Dale Carnegie and Gina Grimshaw)

Paper ID 96: Texture Modelling with Generic Translation- and Contrast/Offset-Invariant 2nd-4th order MGRFs (Ni Liu, Georgy Gimelfarb and Patrice Delmas)

Paper ID 97: A Feature-based Region Growing-Merging Approach for Color Image Segmentation (Saeed Mirghasemi, Ramesh Rayudu and Mengjie Zhang)

Paper ID 99: A New Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Modified Seeded Region Growing and Particle Swarm Optimization (Saeed Mirghasemi, Ramesh Rayudu and Mengjie Zhang)

Paper ID 101: Dolphin fin pose correction using ICP in application to photo-identification (Andrew Gilman, Ting Dong, Krista Hupman, Karen Stockin and Matthew Pawley)

Paper ID 103: Combining Object-Based Local and Global Feature Statistics for Salient Object Search (Syed S. Naqvi, Will N. Browne and Christopher Hollitt)

Poster Session 3

Session Chair: A. Prof. John Lewis

Paper ID 88: 3D Surface Profiling Using Arbitrarily Positioned Cameras (Amir Hajirassouliha, Thiranja Prasad Babarenda Gamage, Matthew Parker, Martyn P. Nash, Andrew J. Taberner and Poul M. F. Nielsen)

Paper ID 105: Interactive Tangible User Interface for Music Learning (Rattapoom Waranusast, Jeerapa Thipakorn and Arin Bang-Ngoen)

Paper ID 106: Evolving PCB Visual Inspection Programs using Genetic Programming (Feng Xie, Anh Dau, Andy Song and Alexandra Uitdenbogerd)

Paper ID 107: Cloud Haskell: First impressions and applications to processing large image datasets (Oliver Batchelor and Richard Green)

Paper ID 111: Determination of the cause and amount of image degradation using a reduced reference approach (Sarbani Palit and Ankan Bhattacharya)

Paper ID 116: Face Alignment Using Structured Random Regressors Combined with Statistical Shape model fitting (Xuhui Jia, Xiaolong Zhu, Angran Lin and Kwok-Ping Chan)

Paper ID 119: Saliency Map based Image Steganography (Rama Kant Singh and Brejesh Lall)

Paper ID 121: Two-view Matching with View Synthesis Revisited (Dmytro Mishkin, Michal Perdoch and Jiri Matas)

Paper ID 122: 3D Egomotion from Stereo Cameras Using Constrained Search Window and Bundle Adjustment (Chia-Yen Chen, Jia-Hong Zhang, Tsung-I Chen and Chi-Fa Chen)

Paper ID 128: The Stitching of Aerial Videos from UAVs (Jinhai Cai and Ivan Lee)

Paper ID 129: Day and Night Vehicle Detection and Counting in Complex Environment (Yule Yuan, Yong Zhao and Xinan Wang)

Paper ID 141: A Smartphone-based Golf Simulation Exercise Game for Supporting Arthritis Patients (Yoonyong Shin and Burkhard Wuensche)

Paper ID 143: Semantic Indoor Maps (Rafid Siddiqui and Siamak Khatibi)

Paper ID 148 : An Improved Building Detection in Complex Sites using the LIDAR Height Variation and Point Density (Fasahat Ullah Siddiqui, Shyh Wei Teng, Mohammad Awrangjeb and Guojun Lu)

Paper ID 149: Registration Of Sheared Images Using Phase Correlation (Ruben Gonzalez)

Paper ID 151: A Comparative Study of Region Matching Based on Shape Descriptors for Coloring Hand-drawn Animation (Yoshihiro Kanamori)

Paper ID 152: A Blind quality assessment of video using fragile watermarking (Ankan Bhattacharya, Dipabali Sarkar and Sarbani Palit)

Paper ID 153: Unsupervised learning approach for abnormal event detection in surveillance video by revealing infrequent patterns (Tushar Sandhan, Tushar Srivastava, Amit Sethi and Jin Young Choi)

Paper ID 160: A Strategy for the Correction of Effects of Jitter in AMCW Lidar Images (Michael Cree, Lee Streeter and Adrian Dorrington)
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