We have a new HCI Lab (since early 2020) located in CO140 for conducting HCI experiments and studies. Contact one of the HCI staff for use of the lab.


Health and Safety

It is important that when using the HCI Lab all Health and Safety Guidelines and Privacy concerns are carefully followed including Health and Safety Guidelines for AR/VR Experiences.


The HCI lab is equipped with state of the art equipment and contains a collection of interaction devices for use in projects and experiments, including:
  • VR simulation devices (Eight360 Nova)
  • VR head sets (HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2 and Pro, Pico Goblin, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard)
  • AR head sets (MagicLeap)
  • Multi-touch tables (Promethean ActivTable)
  • Tablets (iPad and Samsung)
  • Large visualisation displays (84 and 65 inch)
  • Sensor Devices (Leap Motions, Kinect, and PlayStation Move)
  • Audio/video recorders.

Device Picture Notes
Eight360 Nova NOVA-horizontal.jpg Videos:
- Engage with Engineering—Immersive technology with Eight360
- Install timelapse of the Nova device
MagicLeap magicleap.jpg https://www.magicleap.com/en-us/
HTC Vive linac-vr.jpg https://www.vive.com/nz/
Large Touch Displays newline-65inch.png Dell 86 inch touch display
Newline 65 inch touch display
Activ Tabletop activ-table-grace.jpg https://www.prometheanworld.com/en/
AR Sandbox ar-sandbox.jpg AR Sandbox
StretchSense Gloves stretch-sense.jpg https://stretchsense.com/
VR HMDs vr-equipment.png
Oculus Quest
HTC Vive Flow
Samsung Gear