Resources and Experimentation


We have a new HCI Lab as of March 2020 for students to work in and conduct studies. The lab is equiped with state of the art equipment.


The group maintains a collection of interaction devices for use in projects and experiments. These include VR head sets (HTC Vives, Oculus Quests, Oculus Flow, Oculus Gos, Pico Goblin, Samsung Gear, Google Cardboard), AR head sets (MagicLeap), multi-touch tables (Promethean ActivTable), 360 degree cameras, iPad tablets, Samsung tablets, large touch displays (65 inch and 86 inch), Leap Motions, Kinect and Playstation Move systems, and audio/video recorders.

Human Ethics

In order to conduct experiments with you humans we need to get human ethics approval and Applying for human ethics approval (