HCI Staff

There are currently the following academic staff that form the HCI Research group within the School of Engineering and Computer Science. The group is co-led by Craig Anslow and Simon McCallum. Also see our list of Alumni.

VUW Collaborators

Within ECS we work closely on some projects with the Computer Graphics Group, Computational Media Innovation Center (CMIC), Software Engineering, and Programming Languages groups.

Being an interdisciplinary subject we also work with a number of other VUW academics in different schools:


The group consists of the following students ranging from PhD students, Masters thesis students and students completing final year or honours projects. Also see our list of Alumni.

Student Topic Degree Supervisor
Kieran Carnegie VR Human Perception and Changes PhD Simon McCallum
Russel Pine Casual Mobile games for Mental Health PhD (Education) Simon McCallum
Hunter Mulder Computer Games for single sensory modality PhD (Design) Simon McCallum
Tristan Bunn Visual Analytics for Learning Management Systems PhD Craig Anslow, Karsten Lundqvist
Benjamin Powley Visualizing Air Quality Data MSc Craig Anslow, David Pearce
Jiaheng Wang Distraction Therapy for Chronic Pain: The Effects of Immersion on Pain Relief MSc Craig Anslow, Simon McCallum, Brian Robinson
Brandon Scott-Hill aWall: Progress Tracking for Collaborative Agile Meetings BE(Hons) Craig Anslow
Hamish Clark Visualizing Public Transport Reliability BE(Hons) Craig Anslow
Jacob Beal Visualizing Micro Mobility Services BE(Hons) Craig Anslow and Ramesh Rayudu
Sean Hone Visualizing Environmental Data BE(Hons) Craig Anslow
Chris Parry Voice Interaction with Intent Understanding in MR BE(Hons) Taehyun Rhee, Junhong Zhao, Craig Anslow
Cameron Hopkinson Sparky - Mobile games for Mental Health BE(Hons) Simon McCallum
Nicholas Snellgrove AR Sandbox BE(Hons) Simon McCallum
Tres Kani Gamification of Electrical Use BE(Hons) Simon McCallum
Hrshikesh Arora Gamification of Electrical Use BE(Hons) Simon McCallum