Accepted Papers

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Long Papers

Paper Session 1, 0900-1030 Tuesday 13 April

Session Chair: Rashina Hoda

  • Graham Jenson, Jens Dietrich and Hans Guesgen, "Toward Optimisation of Dependency Resolution for Component Based Systems"
  • Michael Walmsley, "Automatic Adaption of Dynamic Second Language Reading Texts"
  • Ali Akhtarzada, "A flexible multi-dimensional recommendation system"
  • David Milne, "A link-based visual search engine for Wikipedia"
  • Yun Jing and Hank Wolfe, "Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Non-Interactive Threshold HIB-KEM Without Random Oracles"
  • Veronica Liesaputra, "Finding information in a book"

Paper Session 2, 1330-1500 Tuesday 13 April

Session Chair: Ben Palmer

  • Joseph Hobbs, Danver Braganza and Gillian Dobbie, "Record, Mix, Play, Share: A Web-based Music Creation Environment: A Web-based Music Creation Environment"
  • Yun Jing and Hank Wolfe, "Improved Efficiency for Chosen-Ciphertext Secure HIB-KEM Built Using Tags"
  • Qiao Ma, "The Effectiveness of Requirements Prioritization Techniques for a Medium to Large Number of Requirements: A Systematic Literature Review"
  • Alastair Abbott, "De-quantisation in Quantum Computing: An Overview and an Application to the Quantum Fourier Transform"
  • Mashitoh Hashim and Tadao Takaoka, "A New Algorithm for Solving the All-pairs Shortest-path Problem in O(n^2 log n) Expected Time"
  • Craig Anslow, James Noble, Stuart Marshall and Ewan Tempero, "Visualizing the Size of the Java Standard API"

Paper Session 3, 0900-1030 Wednesday 14 April

Session Chair: Siva Dorairaj

  • Mohammed Thaher, Sandhya Samarasinghe, and Don Kulasiri, "Neural Network Modelling of DNA damage detection in cells"
  • Craig Taube-Schock, "Codenet: a tool for analyzing the structure of software systems"
  • David Thompson and Tim Bell, "Evaluating CS education activities in Virtual Worlds through automated monitoring"
  • Andrew Meads, Thiranjith Weerasinghe and Ian Warren, "Odin: A Mobile Service Provisioning Middleware"
  • Syed Muhammed Ali Shah, Jens Dietrich and Catherine McCartin, "Formalization of Architectural Refactorings"
  • James Bebbington and Peter Andreae, "A Planner for Qualitative Models"

Paper Session 4, 1330-1500 Wednesday 14 April

Session Chair: Rohitash Chandra

  • Sumant Murugesh, "Delivering Computer Science Concepts at Secondary School Level"
  • Stephen Lean, Hans Guesgen, Inga Hunter and Kudakwashe Dube, "Computational Confidence for Decision Making in Health"
  • Martin van Zijl and Mohammad Obaid, "Towards Expressive Virtual Character in AR Environments
  • Diane Strode, "Coordination in agile software development projects: an empirical research design
  • Harya Widiputra, "Building an Integrated Multi-model Framework for Multiple Time-series Prediction
  • Ayesha Hakim, Stephen Marsland and Hans Guesgen, "A Reliable Hybrid Technique for Human Face Detection"

Paper Session 5, 0900-1030 Thursday 15 April

Session Chair: Neil Ramsay

  • Waseem Ahmad and Ajit Narayanan, "Clustering Inspired by Immune System Humoral Mediated Response"
  • Yuliya Bozhko, "Towards an Institutional Lifelong Learning Environment"
  • Jonathan Rubin and Ian Watson, "Similarity-Based Retrieval & Reuse of Betting Decisions in the Game of Texas Hold’em"
  • Mohammed Thaher and Tadao Takaoka, "Efficient Algorithms for the Maximum Convex Sum Problem"
  • Anna Huang, "Combining Global Semantic Relatedness and Local Analysis for Document Clustering"
  • Paul Hunkin and Tony McGregor, "Wireless Sensor Networks: A Distributed Operating Systems approach"

Paper Session 6, 1330-1430 Thursdsay 15 April

Session Chair: Kok-Lim Yau (Alvin)

  • Simon Ware, "Compositional Verification of Safety Properties Using Language Projection and Certainly Safe States
  • Aram Ter-Sarkisov, Stephen Marsland and Barbara Holland, "The k-bit-swap: A New Genetic Algorithm Operator"
  • Brian Thorne and Raphael Grasset, "Python for Prototyping Computer Vision Applications"

Posters Session (Short Papers) 1530-1730 Tuesday 13 April

  • Samuel Sarjant, "Cross-Entropy Relational Reinforcement Learning"
  • Tania Roblot, "An Algorithm Computing the Finite-State Complexity"
  • Thomas Young, "Applying "EvoDevo" to Evolutionary Algorithms"
  • Mahsa Mohaghegh, "A Statistical Approach to English-Persian Machine Translation"
  • Dominic Winkler and Andy Cockburn, "Bag and Dump: copy-and-paste across contexts"
  • Jevon Wright, "The Development of a Modelling Language for Rich Internet Applications"
  • Kshitij Dhoble, "Multi-example Image Retrieval on Active mode Incremental NDA Learning"
  • Stefan Schliebs, "Heterogeneous Probabilistic Models for Optimization and Modelling of Evolving Spiking Neural Networks"
  • Hamwira Sakti Yaacob, Brendan McCane and Michael Albert. "Ensemble Classifiers from Functionally Complete Algebra"
  • Chiang Tay, Mohammad Obaid and Ramakrishnan Mukundan. "Enhancing Synthesised Facial Images"
  • Akram Abdulkarim Sabbah Darwish, "Word Form Normalization for Text Mining in Highly Inflectional Languages"
  • Elin Eliana Abdul Rahim, Keith Unsworth, Alan McKinnon, Andreas Duenser, Mark Billinghurst, Peter Gostomski and Ken Morison, "Navigation Issues in the Development of a Virtual Chemical Processing Plant"
  • Bernard Otinpong, Alan Mckinnon and Stuart Charters, "Visualization and Public Participation"
  • Siva Dorairaj, James Noble and Petra Malik, "Exploring Distributed Agile Projects: A Grounded Theory Perspective"
  • Doug Hunt, "Real World Context Data Collection – How many errors can I make?"
  • Richard Vidal, "Sharing Clipboards using RFID"
  • Le-Thu Nguyen, Richard Harris and Jusak Jusak. "Modelling of Quality of Experience for Web Traffic"
  • Johan Scholtz, "Digital Data Forensics - a critical study of the Investigative Examination Process - towards an Automated Digital Forensic Model"
  • Sagaya Amalathas, Tanja Mitrovic Mitrovic and Ravan Saravanan Saravanan, "Intelligent Tutoring System for Palm Oil Industry"
  • Fuad Baloch, "Re-Visualising Cyberspace: Using Quasi Objects for Spatial Definitions"
  • Nassiriah Shaari, Clare Churcher and Stuart Charters, "Customization of Web Content for Desktop and Mobile Devices"
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