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Software development in the real world - Microsoft Silverlight Ticketing Kiosk

Chris Klug, Intergen

Details: 1800-1830, Wednesday 14 April MCLT103, Kelburn Campus

Abstract: My life as a developer is full of interesting projects. A lot of them are start off with "can you build this awesome application that integrates with that not so awsome other application, make it look good and have it done by the end of the week". Software development doesn't always happen according to the way that it is being taught in school. In my world it is actually more common to have to build something amazing in a very short timeframe, with very little resources and a lot of constraints. Intergen recently gave me an awesome project like this, and I'd like to share some of my experiences with this project to show what my life as a software developer is like and why I love it.

Bio: Chris Klug is a senior developer at Intergen. He has been working as a developer for almost 10 years. During this time, he has worked with a wide variety of companies in a lot of different areas, such as on-line sports betting, professional sail racing and charity organisations. Before moving from Sweden to New Zealand a year ago, he spent two years working as a technical trainer on the Microsoft platform. But if asked, he would say that his passion is kitesurfing and not computers.


Scale: Solving the Biggest Problems in Computer Science

Daniel Nadasi, Google

Details: 1830-1900, Wednesday 14 April MCLT103, Kelburn Campus

Abstract:The one thing I notice every day at work is the sheer size of it all. Thousands of computers, millions of users, distributed across the whole world. In this talk I'll be giving my perspective as a Software Engineer at Google into these huge problems. Using examples drawn from Google's most ambitious projects, I'll highlight some of the common (and less common) challenges and strategies for dealing with them, as well as the balance between Engineering and Computer Science at this scale.

Bio: Daniel Nadasi has been at Google for more than two years now, having worked on Maps Advertising, Google Tasks and Open Source efforts. Prior to joining Google, Daniel studied pure mathematics and computer science at ANU. In his limited spare time, Daniel is passionate about juggling and music, and writes a blog on cocktails.

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