• Date: Wednesday 14 April 2010
  • Time: 1530-1730
  • Location: Maclaurin Foyer, CO118, CO119 and MCLT101

Each workshop will run for 30 minutes, and each one will run four times during the afternoon (they will all run in parallel). So please feel free to choose to attend any four of the following workshops. You can attend the workshops in any order you like, and there is no need to pre-book them - simply turn up on Wednesday afternoon!

GeorgeAllan.jpg Critical Thinking: How to Get There

George Allan, Victoria University of Wellington

This 30 minute interactive workshop will answer the question: 'How do we improve our thinking so that our learning will be more efficient? We will start with our current thinking and move to ways of better thinking, then on to methods of reflective thinking leading to realizing what critical thinking involves for each of us. We will include a look at the barriers to our thinking and ways round some of these. This normally takes about 30 years but we will try to do some of it in 30 minutes.
PeterAndreae.jpg How to Create An Effective Research Presentation

Peter Andreae (Pondy), Victoria University of Wellington

The workshop will look at ways to make your presentations more effective. It will not be focussed on how to use powerpoint (or any other presentation tool), but will first address the planning of the content of your presentation (before you even touch the computer), and then look at traps and mistakes to avoid in the actual presentation. I hope to involve active participation by the attendees.
TimBell.jpg Eating frogs, getting things done, juggling elephants... and other thoughts on Time Management

Tim Bell, University of Canterbury

If you've been meaning to find out about time management, but haven't been able to find the ...errrr... time to do so, here's your chance!

Time management isn't about being a robot sticking to some inflexible plan (homework: watch Clockwise, starring John Cleese.) Time management is about developing habits to help you achieve your professional AND personal goals. We'll trade cool ideas that people use to achieve this.

JulieCrisford.jpg Commercialisation and IP Protection in the ICT Sector

Julie Crisford, VicLink, Victoria University of Wellington

Making money in the ICT sector starts with protecting your innovations. In this workshop I will help you to understand how you can secure your intellectual property, how to establish good practices relating to your intellectual property and how to enter the road towards becoming insanely rich.
Barbara Crump Where are the women in the New Zealand IT industry? Reasons and solutions

Barbara Crump, Massey University

New Zealand, like most Western countries, has very low numbers of female IT workers. The international academic literature and media offer reasons for this phenomenon at a time when the traditionally male-dominated professions such as accountancy, law and medicine enjoy a more equitable gender participation rate. This workshop will examine reasons for the low numbers of IT women, and consider solutions to redress the balance.
Gill Dobbie How can I develop a successful research career?

Gill Dobbie, University of Auckland

The aim of this workshop is identify what kinds of jobs are available for researchers, and how to prepare for them. By the end of the seminar everyone should have thought about where they want to be in 5 years and the steps they might take to get there.
Millie Douglas Vic Careers Mini-Workshop Series: Preparing to Succeed in the Job Market

Millie Douglas, Campus Career Consultant, Victoria University of Wellington

Session 1. CV Preparation
How to prepare an effective and professional-looking CV/Resume using CareerHub
Explore a CV section by section to see what works and what doesn't
Receive handouts with tips on CVs, covering letters and making on-line applications
Discover free resources available to you

Session 2. CV Review
Experience the CV from the employer's perspective
Apply your learning to your application strategy

Session 3. Interview Skills
What are employers looking for?
What sort of questions can you expect?
Looking the part
Step by step preparations

Session 4. Researching Employers
Essential research
Typical sources
Putting your research to work

LyndonHawk.jpg How to get yourself the job you want!

Lyndon Hawk, Managing Director, Helium Work-Search Limited

This workshop will focus around the key elements of preparation, opportunity and success and will provide the key steps to assist you gain the opportunity to obtain the job you want.

DougHauraki.jpg Back to the future

Doug Hauraki and graduate students from Te Ropu Awhina, Victoria University of Wellintgon

Maori and Pacific people have a proud tradition of innnovation and exploration. More recent history has disrupted that tradition, to the extent that now they are significantly under-represented in the sciences. Te Ropu Awhina, the on-campus whanau for Maori and Pacific students enrolled in science, engineering, architecture and design degrees and majors was established in 1999 as the vehicle to increase Maori and Pacific representation in these areas. Ten years on it has produced over 700 degree completions including 8 PhDs and currently has 71 postgraduates across these disciplines. The Awhina presentation will identify the contemporary barriers to success in areas such as Engineering and Computer Science, and synthesise the lessons from a decade of successful evidence-based practice.

AndyLinton.png To PhD or not to PhD -that is the question (Industry vs. Academia)

Andy Linton, Victoria University of Wellington

When students go through university there's a strong focus on seeing a research career as the way to go. That's understandable given the interests of staff at universities and the way university funding works. But there is intelligent life outside the university system - there are some very interesting and challenging problems to be solved. I've spent time inside and outside the university environment over the last thirty years and found interesting things to do in both places. This workshop will look at some options you might like to consider.
AlexPotanin.jpg How to Create An Effective Research Poster

Alex Potanin, Victoria University of Wellington

In this workshop attendees will be expected to actively participate in critiquing a number of representative posters. At the end, everyone would be expected to have a list of agreed upon guidelines that would help them create a good poster in the future. If time permits, everyone would be given a chance to create a quick outline of a poster there and then to show off their thesis topic.
IanWelch.jpg How Not to Go Mad Writing your Thesis

Ian Welch, Victoria University of Wellington

The aim of this workshop is to cover strategies for writing. My own experience is that doing the research was the fun bit but writing the thesis was harder and took longer than I had imagined. This workshop will cover some ways of approaching writing when it comes to completing your thesis.
IanWelch.jpg The Publication Game

Ian Witten, University of Waikato

Research is fun ... fun that we take very seriously! ... seriously enough that we want to tell others about what we have discovered. But unfortunately most scientific writing is cr@p! What you can do about it? Why publish? Publish where? How? Write that book ... or not? So many questions.

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