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The Bachelor of Engineering work experience program, has been developed to satisfy industry demands that our graduates are work-ready. By work-ready industry means that you not only have the technical talent, you also have experience of the tech workplace and understand the importance of important non-technical skills.

Our students are in high demand. This is driven by continued growth in the tech sector and reflected in the willingness of employers to pay you as an intern (this is unfortunately rare). In addition our students get the majority of tech internships in Wellington; a positive reflection on both your commitment to study and the quality of graduates generated by the school. After completing your degree, you will get the benefit of that brand recognition for the next 40 years.

Ultimately you will find that tech skills are necessary, but they are not sufficient within the modern tech workplace.

Work Ready Graduates

Employers within the tech sector are demanding graduates that are “work-ready”. This includes technical competence, good communication (written and presentations), the ability to learn fast, integrate into teams and resolve differences positively. Above all, employers and peers want to enjoy working with you to solve interesting problems. Work ready graduates facilitate this.

Applying your technical skills within the tech workplace builds confidence as you apply your skills to real life problems that matter. However your most valuable talent is the ability to learn technical skills - fast. The ability to change within a fast changing tech environment is invaluable.

The non-technical skills may be referred to as 'people skills', 'soft skills' or 'transferable skills' (transferable across workplaces and roles). For many whom choose to learn technical skills, the soft skills in comparison are much harder to learn.

Work placements are found by students. There are various services available to assist students and the work experience programme assists you to identify and market your key job skills.

Useful Background

Work Experience Program Goals

The goals of work experience are:

  1. To apply taught theory in the workplace.
  2. To experience a tech workplace culture, work practices and increase your network of industry peers.
  3. To learn from industry veterans and engage positively with experienced industry peers to solve large problems.
  4. To reflect on these experiences and demonstrate your ability to derive useful learning from your reflection.

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Work Experience Coordinator

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