Sources of CV Advice

CV writing is hard and the most intuitive approach will likely see you frame yourself as you currently are, a student. This contrasts with what industry is looking for which is a junior dev, junior electronics tech, junior hacker.

It can also be difficult to recognise the skills you have and to define what industry looking for.

Basic CV workshops are done by;
* Summer of Tech,
* Career Services at VUW and
* Engineering NZ.

Workshops take one of two forms, a lecture style discussion of what makes a good CV (spoiler alert, every speaker will have a different and strongly held opinion) and opportunities for CV checks which is essentially putting your CV in front of industry people and looking for their feedback (spoiler alert, everyone will provide different and sometimes contradictory feedback).

The takeaway from these workshops (and you should do several) is that no one can give you "the answer" to a good CV. However you will find common themes and start seeing how CVs look to those that have to read them.

Your work experience coordinator also provides occasional CV workshops that helps put the employers perspective into the exercise. However this workshop assumes you already have a CV (the basic stuff is done and you have broadly appropriate content) and it builds on this.

Vic Careers and Employment

Vic Careers holds workshops all year round on a wide variety of topics related to helping you find employment.

They also offer drop-In times to check draft copies of CVs and Cover Letters, and to offer professional advice.

The bi-annual job fair for IT employers is organised by Career services and employers attending are specifically looking for students with your talents.

Summer of Tech

Summer of Tech runs events twice a week at Kelburn. Typically these are technical events, however they also do CV lectures and workshops.

Summer of Tech is free to register, and they run free workshops from March onwards to help explain what tech employers want to see in a CV, plus one-on-one feedback through CV Clinics where actual employers will give you feedback on your CV.

Engineering NZ

Engineering NZ runs a major Interview skills and CV event every year, staffed by people from industry who are there to give constructive advice on how you can improve your CV and interview skills. This event caters for all engineering disciplines and there is always good representation from the engineering industry present.