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Industry Connections

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Many people find work through the network of contacts they have made over time. Jobs found this way are often a great match with your interests and result in working with great people you already get on with.

Industry connections are built up by chatting with people in industry. Of course this sounds obvious, however, students often avoid this due to concerns around their skill levels, plus not everyone is a social butterfly. Funnily enough, nearly everybody in industry feels the same way.

Numerous companies hold regular industry tech events on niche topics, specifically to find those just getting started and hopefully keen on that topic. They create a casual social environment, talking about tech at a level that is easy to break into and they encourage personal projects. Done well and these companies don't have to advertise for junior staff, new talent walks in their door regularly for a chat. is a good site to book-mark. There are always f2f meet-ups held locally in Wellington.

Summer of Tech

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Summer of Tech (SoT) is a world-class internship programme helping to match Wellington IT companies with smart tech students.

Over summer 2021/22, SoT placed 300 tech interns in Wellington, 178 went to ECS students.
Over summer 2022/23, SoT placed 255 tech interns in Wellington, 133 went to ECS students.

The roles include Code, Design, Engineering, Security, Testing, Hardware, Business Analysis and more.

Internships are typically over summer (roughly November after exams to late February) and you must be currently enrolled in a Wellington tertiary institution. You will need to sign up to the SoT platform and complete your online profile in order to start getting notification of industry focused training, provided by industry (typically in rooms provided by ECS), and the annual Meet 'n Greet held in September.

Taking part in SoT will put you in the running to kick-start your tech career in Wellington over summer.

TradeMe and Seek Jobs

One of the keys to using job platforms is to use filtering.


Seek Jobs, ICT, Wellington Central, Full-time, $0-$70k (69 jobs as at Feb 2023)
Seek Jobs, ICT, Wellington Central, Full-time, $0-$80k (152 jobs as at Feb 2023)


TradeMe Jobs (needs manual input) Wellington (Wellington), IT, any to $70k, Full time (38 jobs as at Feb 2023)
TradeMe Jobs (needs manual input) Wellington (Wellington), IT, any to $80k, Full time (46 jobs as at Feb 2023)

Both platforms provide useful salary guides; Seek Salary Guide (select ICT) and the TradeMe Salary Guide.

NZUni Talent

Use the NZUni Talent job board to access job vacancies that best fit your study and requirements, including part time, summer, internships, voluntary, full time and graduate recruitment.

Wellington Careers and Employment

Get connected with employers and the community, prepare for your future employment and get job-ready using our advice and resources, either through in-person appointments or the online career centre.

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Employers advertising here are looking for students and recent graduates with your skills (not industry veterans!).

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