Graduating in May

This page is intended for BE students completing their work experience in their last summer.

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Yes, completing the Work Experience Program is a Requirement of your Degree

This should not be a surprise. Not completing the work experience program means you cannot graduate (yet).

Every year I get 4th year students that have not started, but wish to graduate. If this is you, you need to see me (you are not in trouble!).

Second or third year students, try to avoid this. For example, go meet people already in the workplaces you want to work in. Meet interesting people, see inside interesting workplaces, drink their work's beverages, eat their pizza, chat about what they are doing, their personal projects, their experience in the IT workplace, the career choices they made and the advice they wish they received when they started. Then write up a short blog to get one of your industry events done.

Program Deliverables

You need all your deliverables assessed and accepted in the WE Tool by the end of February, in order to graduate in May.

In order to have your WE deliverables assessed in time, you need to plan to have them submitted to the WE Tool no later than mid February. This allows time for assessment and for you to action any feedback. Email your work experience coordinator when you submit and put "[Final Year]" or similar in the subject line to catch the eye. Over the last two weeks in February, students wishing to graduate are the priority.

If you are close but might need more time, get in touch asap.

Do not consider February a "deadline", at this point in your studies you are more than capable of managing both your time and your priorities. If you chose to graduate in December, we are ok with that. You will not "fail" WE. The pass is merely held up until you complete.

Advance Graduation

If your deliverables are in and you expect to pass (give or take any redos), at the same time as submitting you should apply for Advance Graduation. "Advance Graduation" is university speak for applying in advance of Student Records catching up and showing passes.

To apply for Advance Graduation, complete the Faculty Office form and for the reason write "BE Work Experience - see the Work Experience Coordinator". At this time of year the Faculty Office and Work Experience Coordinator are in continuous contact.

The passes will typically show at the end of the first full week in March.

Can't make February work!

February is not a Faculty deadline with any consequences for your degree. It is a university deadline to get into the May graduation ceremony. Planning to pass work experience requirements in time for the following December graduation ceremony is perfectly ok.

I should have a pass in Student Records already

Passes are submitted in batches, not individually. Typically you will get an email confirming you have completed work experience and the pass will show in student records some months later.

If the pass is not showing and you are concerned, check your WE Tool and that all deliverables are showing green (passes). Then email your Work Experience Coordinator to check.