Work Experience Requirements

This programme is typically started in second year and finished at the end of your third or fourth year.

This is the Work Experience Tool which will accept your submissions and display your progress.

The links below connect to the detailed instructions.

Part 1. Aim to complete in years 1 and 2.

Deliverable Estimated Time Assessment Style Grade Options
An effective CV 3 hours Formative null/Pass
Health & Safety Lecture 1 hour Summative Test min 17 of 20
Six Industry Events 9 hours Formative null/Pass

From 2021, the Health and Safety lecture and passing the twenty question exam, is required before you start any work secured during or after your second year.

Part 2. Work experience.

This element is repeated at least twice. Typically once for each 400 hours of work.

To undertake work experience, you must have completed the Health & Safety workshop in Part 1. (Note that this is a new requirement from 2020. A common sense approach will be adopted for existing students in existing work.)

The work must also be registered with ECS using the online form.

Deliverable Estimated Time Assessment Style Grade Options
Learning Goals 1 hour Formative null/Pass
Daily Journal 3 minutes a day Formative null/Pass
Evidence the hours 10 minutes Summative null/Pass
Reflective Report 4 hours Formative null/Pass