Health and Safety Lecture (recorded)

This recorded lecture provides an overview of the New Zealand legislative requirements around Health and Safety in the workplace. It is hosted by Roger Cliffe, ECS's Health and Safety Officer. The lecture is around 55 minutes. You might benefit from printing the exam beforehand.

Everyone under legislation has responsibilities backed up by stiff legal penalties, this includes employees, managers and directors/business owners. It is important to understand this legislation and why it exists.

Feel free to take the Health & Safety lecture and the Health & Safety Exam (twenty questions) in your own time. Submit the completed exam to the submission system. A pass mark is 17/20.

  • Before starting any new work you must have completed the Health and Safety lecture and achieved a pass mark in the short exam.
  • If you have pre-existing work (work started before you started second year), completing this lecture and passing the exam will be required as part of accepting this work.

Feel free to contact the work experience coordinator if you have questions.