Pre-existing Work

This is work accumulated prior to starting the work experience program in the second year of your BE.

Assuming it otherwise meets the requirements of the program and you declare it on starting the program (i.e. at the start of your second year), pre-existing work will typically be accepted towards your first 400 hours of work experience. We will accept it on the basis of a reflective report that illustrates the soft skills developed and how you anticipate they will prove useful in the IT workplace (i.e. a Reflective Report). Plus you must have completed the Health & Safety lecture before it can be accepted.

The four requirements for work experience are;

  • Evidence the hours (use the work experience tool to add a job, once it has been reviewed, it will allow you to generate a pdf to be signed by you and your employer)
  • Learning Goals (see note below)
  • Daily Journal (see note below)
  • Reflective report

Learning Goals and Daily Journal

For the purposes of pre-existing work, completing Learning Goals and Daily Journal after-the-fact is somewhat pointless. This requirement will typically be waived on request where you have work from before you started the program. It will not be waived for your second 400 hours of work within the IT industry.


  • Evidence the hours, complete the work registration form today. Do not delay this.
  • Reflective report. Due two months after you finish the work. If this means you are already 'late', talk with your work experience co-ordinator to agree on a new due date.
  • Complete the Health & Safety lecture and pass the short exam.

The work register tool anticipates that students tell us in advance of the work (a requirement of accepting the work). You represent a special case and should anticipate the typical check by your work experience coordinator will hold up access to the pdf the tool generates, by a day or two.

Do not delay notifying us of the work and complete your report early in year 2. Leaving it until later in your degree may lead to disappointment.